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Welcome to Twig. Your Bank of Things
Turn your things into instant cash

Twig is the next generation banking, powering the circular economy.
We enable you to turn your things into cash. Instantly.

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Instant Cash Out

Reimagine your wealth with us. Instantly cash out on things
you no longer wish to use.
Simple - Upload your items in less than 30 seconds
Certain - Receive valuation and an immediate offer
Fast - No waiting around. Swipe and get your cash right away



A free banking account where you can send and receive payments online.
Get a free Twig Visa Debit card that you can use for online or
in store purchases.
Track and manage your cash with ease from the Twig App.



Twig is built on circular economy principles.
It gives things you no longer want a new life.
By extending the life cycle of clothes for just nine months,
you could reduce carbon, water and waste footprints
by approximately 20-30% each.
With the Twig Carbon Offsetting Subscription,
you can now offset your carbon footprint.
Twig makes it easier and empowers you to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle.
In line with our commitment to sustainability,
we offset all the carbon emitted as
a business and have acquired the Pending B Corp status.


How it works

  1. Open a Twig account
  2. Register for a Twig Visa Debit card
  3. List your items
  4. Get an instant valuation
  5. Cash out the value for your items
  6. Send and receive money through the app


Our manifesto

  • Twig is your Bank of Things.
  • Twig is a catalyst for positive change.
  • Twig is the alternative: why do 59% of
    us throw away items just “because it’s easier”?
  • Twig enables you to discover wealth you never knew you had.
  • Twig wants to empower you to convert your unwanted things into cash.
  • Twig brings you financial liquidity in the safety of your own home.
  • Twig powers the collective shift from the linear to the circular economy.
  • Twig believes that sustainability and capitalism can coexist.
  • Twig believes in conscious consumption.
  • Twig empowers you.



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